top 10 reasons to go see the avengers right now.

+10 - joss whedon. he wrote and directed it. he also wrote Toy Story, Buffy the Vampire, and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. he's amazing. you must go see why.
+9 - mark ruffalo actually made me like the hulk. his portrayal of the hulk was spot. on. like, whoa.
+8 - the film is hilarious.
+7 - every single actor in this movie did a spectacular job. not one person had me cringing or wishing they weren't in the movie.
+6 - muscles. muscles. muscles.
+5 - joss whedon cut no corners with this one. the story is awesome. the comedic timing is perfect. the character development is so well done. the sfx are amazeballs. its just a thoroughly enjoyable film.
+4 - the fight choreography is legit.
+3 - this isn't really a reason, more a word of advice: see it in 3D on XD or imax if you can. trust me it is so much more awesome.
+2 - in addition the extreme amount of muscles going on, you have chris hemsworth, rdj, chris evans, mark ruffalo and jeremy renner all in one film. how in the world could that go wrong? i mean, really.
and the number one reason to go see The Avengers:
+1 - tom. hiddleston.
gah. he's so adorable. and he was perfect as loki. he did such an amazing job, i was blown away.

have you seen the avengers yet? what'd you think?
if you haven't, please, please, please. go do so. okay?


Miss Nesbit said...

(Which I was thinking... maybe we should have checked to see if that url was available.)
ALSO, he's signed on to be Loki in Thor 2 so we get to see him more!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!

thatonegirl said...

I loved it! I was please to find out that he was the same guy who did Dr Horrible

however, I am NOT a 3D person. at all.

Jessille said...

I watched it twice just because i wanna see more loki,loki!!!