well, its May. f.i.n.a.l.l.y. {tomorrow}

i have been waiting for the month of May for quite some time now. you see, i think some time ago, some of my most favorite authors all sat down together and had a meeting. "when shall we release our next books?" they asked each other.
and after much debate and rebuttal, it was decided: "May. it shall be May."
and so, May it was.
well, its May now (tomorrow). and this month brings the releases of four, yes FOUR books i've long awaited:
Destined by Aprilynne Pike
out on May 1st.
this is the final installment in Aprilynne Pike's breakout series, Wings, and i've been counting down the days since last May when i finished Illusions (the 3rd book in the series) for this book to be released. i've been told Destined takes place in a very intense 24 hours. and its the finale, guys. you know its going to be exciting, right? if you haven't read any of these books yet, i'd definitely look into picking them up. they are fast paced, easy to read and the characters are addicting. seriously, pick them up. {book 1-Wings, book 2-Spells, book 3-Illusions.} p.s. can i just say, i love that all of the books in this series have been released in May? i find it very fitting of her stories. don't know what i'm talking about? GO READ THE BOOKS!
City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
out May 8th.
i'm severely in love with these books. and they just keep coming! isn't that wonderful? the answer is yes. yes it is. so, this is the 5th book in this series which means, its almost over. almost. just when i thought we had seen the last of Cassie Clare's bomb dot com characters, she goes and lets the literary world know, "j/k guys, i'm writing more books for the TMI series."
and the literary world said, "bless you miss Clare. bless your beautiful book writing soul."
so, i can't even tell you how stoked i am about this book. because City of Fallen Angels? KILL ME. and now i'm like, "i have to know." so, on May 8th, i will. i will know. (maybe? Cassie Clare has an excellent habit of leaving her books on the WORST CLIFF HANGERS EEEVVVEEERRR.) but i mean really, its worth it because quite frankly, Jace Wayland is worth it. i would read 10,000 TMI books with torturous cliff hangers as long as Mr. Jace Wayland was in every single one.
this is one of my all time favorite series, so, if you like me and you like suggestions and books and awesome characters who will literally make you lol or lawl or whatever your acronym of choice may be for laughing, start reading these immediately. and don't just read the first one and judge the rest.
read them all. i beg you. (however, if you are one of those "i read city of bones and quit the series" types of peeps, its okay. we can still be friends. kind of.) 
Insurgent by Veronica Roth
out May 1st.
remember when i had a book crush on Divergent, the first book in this series? and i read it before it came out (thank you Late Bloomer!) and had to wait that much longer for the 2nd book, Insurgent, to come out? so i did things like blog about the book cover to hold myself over. well, now the wait is over and honestly? i think it'll be the first one i read when i make a stop at Barnes and Noble tomorrow and pick up those 3 coveted books that will have been released. because, quite frankly, its been too long, Four. its been too long.
haven't read Divergent yet? puhlease go do so IMMEDIATELY. you can read my review of Divergent here. seriously, one of the best books ever. especially if you like dystopian-post-apocalyptic-hunger-gamesy sort of books. then you'll really thank me.
Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore
out May 1st.
yay for book series with each book about a different character. that's how my favorite author Shannon Hale writes and that's how Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling, Fire and now Bitterblue writes as well. its probably one of the many reasons i love her work so much.
i loved Graceling and i loved Fire and i plan to not be disappointed with Bitterblue! Bitterblue was one of my favorite characters in Graceling so i'm glad that i'm going to get to read more about her as she takes on her own adventure. and i can't get over Kristin Cashore's beautiful way of writing. it will be nice to be able to get lost in her words for a day or two again.
if you haven't read Graceling or Fire yet, i recommend doing so because they are awesome books. however, the nice thing about the way Cashore's books work is, you probably could start with any of the 3 in the series and it wouldn't matter.
yay for book love. yay for May.
why are you happy for May?


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. about insurgent!!!! i'm gonna have to check out the other series you've suggested

Meagan said...

I picked up city of bones and city of ashes at value village after seeing them on your blog. Can't wait to read them!