why i love tumblr.

let me just talk to you about tumblr for a moment.tumblr is my fave.
i could probably sit all day and reblog photos that speak to me or rather, speak for me.and that's the thing about tumblr. you'd think that with me wanting to be a writer and all, i'd prefer words to express myself. but that's not always the case. i don't know what it is, but sometimes i will come across an image on tumblr that just resonates so deeply with me that its like the image was made specifically for me to see.
while some of what i post on tumblr is just silliness, most of it is an almost direct expression of my inner self; what i'm thinking about that day or how i'm feeling. my emotions can be described so beautifully through so many different images that sometimes, i feel like my words are completely inadequate.
in addition to that, there's an over abundance of fan-girling that can go on as well. while looking back over my tumblr, i realized i have posted quite a bit about star wars, doctor who and lord of the rings among other super nerdy things that i absolutely love.
that being said, i thought i'd share some of my latest favorite images with you. and maybe convince you to, if you don't already, get a tumblr.
without further adieu:
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and those are just a few. really i could just spend all night reposting all of the truly lovely images that i find on tumblr.
see? tumblr is great. if you don't have one, give it a try! if you do, please leave your tumblr link below, i'd love, love, love to check yours out. (you can find mine here, if you so desire. but please, look at it on firefox not explorer. firefox shows it the way it is suppsed to be showed.)

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Miss Nesbit said...

Ugh, I just love that Tardis picture and kind of want a print of it...