the time i met kristen chenoweth.

thursday my mom, sister and i were at Barnes & Noble doing a little Christmas shopping when we saw an advertisement that Kristen Chenoweth was going to be at that very Barnes & Noble the next night. whaaaaaaat?! quickly, sister and i made plans to return the next night. next night rolls around and whe had decided to head to B&N right after work even though Kristen wouldn't be there for another 2 hours after that. we didn't want to wait too long. well, we got there, bought the cd she was signing and then were informed they were dividing everyone into groups and shuffling us all through like cattle. sis and i were group G. aka second to last group of the night.
to make a long story short, sis and i were at B&N until about 9pm (we had arrived at roughly 6pm) and we talked to Kristen Chenoweth for about 9 1/2 seconds. seriously. it was kind of a long night.
that being said, the 9 1/2 seconds that sis and i did talk to her she was absolutely lovely and adorable (which i told her) and she was just as nice and amazing as ever. i will forever love her.
(yes, i had to lean across the table to be in the picture with her. they weren't letting anyone on the other side of the table. rudes.)
in other news, i had a root canal last week. that was not fun and i hope to never do it again because other than the fact that i could do without drills drilling into my teeth, i hate it when my cheek and lips are numb for about 5 hours and i look like Sloth from The Goonies.

what's new with ya'll?
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paperpocket said...

I love the Chenoweth too! That's so awesome you got to meet her.

Eeek on the root canal though. Never had one, but it's my worst fear! No drills thank you very muchly!

Valerie said...

how fun! i really love her as well. that security guard behind you looks like he's taking his job reeeeeeally seriously. he is NOT letting anybody on the other side of that table.

Meagan said...

So cool!!! I met Ashlee Simpson back in the day at a mall signing when she was (mildly) popular and we got to the mall at 4 am. For a 6pm signing. I wish we hadn't because Much Music interviewed us since we waited so long, and my Ashlee Simpson fangirl status was no longer a secret and I was 21! Not a good age to be caught by your friends stalking a terrible celeb.

Tay said...

You say y'all already? How long have you been in TX? :D I still love you.

Emma Frances said...

That is awesome! I'm super jealous of you! Haha. Even though you had to wait for HOURS!

suzy said...

ugh, i HATE root canals. i hope your mouth feels ok now. bleck. yuck.