temples and lights.

while i was in st. george, my cousins, sister and i decided to go to the lighting of the lights at the temple. they did a wonderful little ceremony and then as we all sang Silent Night, all the Christmas lights came on. it was beautiful.

unfortunately, i didn't get any photos of the lights! why? i don't know. because i obviously wasn't thinking clearly.
but i did quite enjoy myself.
♥ ♥


Emma Frances said...

I didn't know they did Temple light ceremonyish things! That's so cool! I want to figure out if the Mesa temple does that! Temple lights are always absolutely gorgeous!

lindsay b. said...

how fun! i've always wanted to go to a temple lighting, but every year i completely forget. all the holiday cheer clouds the mind :)

amyschmamey said...

What a fun thing to get to take part in.