in which i paid money to walk 3 miles.

this last saturday my work sponsored a 5k run to earn money for our local food bank. i committed to participate before i even realized the words were coming out of my mouth. you see, i don't do things like that. and by things like that i mean: run.but alas bright and early saturday morning some of my siblings, myself and my dad went to participate in the 5k.

even though i walked nearly the whole way and it took me about an hour, i did have a good time. the trail was beautiful and it was nice to have some time to talk with my brother and sister (who stayed with me the whole time).

and now, because i have a good sense of humor, i thought i'd share the video of me crossing the finish line. please ignore my me-ness and my weird burst of laughter for absolutely no reason. i mean really, it was early in the morning.

♥ ♥


Emma Frances said...

How fun! :] I would have walked the whole way too! At least you had people to talk to! That would make it even more fun!

Miss Nesbit said...


rach. said...

ah so much fun! :)

love, rach.