i'm talkin' television.

i've come to the conclusion that i watch a lot of t.v. and by that i mean i watch too many different shows to keep up with! i'm currently watching:
+ modern family seas 2
+ community s. 1
+ i love lucy s. 2
supernatural s. 1
+ dr who s. 1 (of the 2005 series)
+ gossip girl s. 4
+ the secret life of the american teenager s. 2
+ saturday night lights s. 1
new girl s. 1
and i just borrowed sherlock from a friend and have about 1,000 more shows on my iq on netflix. while it takes me quite some time to actually get through said shows because i rarely actually have time to watch them, i do enjoy getting lost in the awesomeness that is television.

well, to feel productive about my addiction, i've decided to whip up a few telly reviews now and then. everybody reviews films but few people review television! so tonight, i'm going to talk about a few of the shows i'm currently watching.
let's get started, shall we?
season 1
i.... don't love it. everyone kept telling me "community is the new 'office'," and "you have to watch it, its so much funnier than the office." welllllll its not the worst show i've seen but it is most definitely not comparable to the office either. i don't like the characters as much and i think that's what it all stems from. i think the actual story idea could have worked but so far, i am not feeling the chemistry between the characters and its really not as funny. i will say, the whole peirce/von rivalry thing is kind of humerus and i do like abed but... i prefer the office (and other shows) above this one.
however, i'm going to keep watching. perhaps it will get better.
season 1
i have already seen season 1 and 2 of this but my friend hasn't so we get together once a week and watch it. i l-o-v-e this show. yes, it is creepy as all get out and i cover my eyes through most of it but i love the winchester brothers *ahem* dean to be exact. i really like the show because of the witty one liners the winchesters throw back and forth at one another. it adds a nice twist to the crazy-scary-through-the-whole-thing theme that horror films and shows usually carry.
and did i mention dean winchester (aka jensen ackles). i mean, he's worth every minute that i spend creeped out. and yes, the sfx are kiiiind of horrible but still, the story line is good and even the music rocks my socks. i love.
dr who
season 1 or, more accurately the 9th doctor
i. love. this. show. and i know that everyone's favorite dr is ten, but i'm so jiving on 9 right now! i love he and rose's chemistry. and i love all the weird creepy alien stuff that happens. this show is definitely for nerds, like me, and is definitely about as british as it gets.  
what are you watching right now?
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Deals, Steals and Heels said...

just wait for doctor #10...you will die a thousand deaths of nerd-girl happiness. SWOON.

Emma Frances said...

I have never watched Supernatural or Dr. Who. I might just have to! :) And I agree with you that Community is not nearly as good as The Office. Although I do still really like community. Also, I love that you're going to do Telly reviews every once in a while!!

lindsay b. said...

I'm a newbie to dr. who and am in love! But I started on number 10. does that mean I can't go back and appreciate number 9? probably.

love your blog!