the continuted story of the purchasing of the cameras.

remember this sad tale?well, i think you'll be glad to know it has a happy ending. part 1 of the happy ending is this:
i am currently counting down the days until my fujifilm instax 7s (and its two boxes of film) arrives! (yes, i decided on the fujifilm instax... for now. the kicker was that it's a 7s. yay me.)
part 2 is this:
first it starts out even less happy than before and then it gets really happy at the end.
so, i went to take my holga back and they had removed all the holgas from their shelves. what?! no taking pictures that look like this:
grrrr. the girl could tell i was distraught so she even checked in the back for me. but when she came back empty handed, i knew i would have to settle for something else. so, i began scanning the shelves. and that's when i laid eyes on this:
i liked it even better then the edelweiss that i had originally picked out. in addition to that i decided i wanted to work with 120 film for the time being rather than 35mm (i'll move onto that soon enough) and so, i went home happy as a clam. but then i tried to find 120 film. and gosh dangit, no one sells it! (and by no one i really mean target and kroger which are the only two places that i looked.)
then i received e-mail notification that i was good to go on lomography.com so i rushed over and got my camera and (now, this is where it gets happy!) 3 rolls of 120 film!!!

today i checked the status of my package and WOOT! its in the dallas area which means i should have it by the weekend (aka tomorrow).
i guess today is basically tbde (the best day ever.)

♥ ♥


Miss Nesbit said...

YAY!!!! I want to see it when you get it! I'm super excited!

thekimbo said...

YAY!!! Cant wait to see pix!

Andrea said...

Wahooo!!!! I love taking pictures with film! Have fun


Jillian said...

hurrah for lomography cameras!! I have a Diana F+ and I'd give you the name of the place I get my film, but I'm guessing that Australia might be a bit too far to travel? Diana is an awesome camera and she takes pretty good shots when she's not being temperamental - I'm pretty much in love.