the wayfarers.

last weekend i went to my friends' bands last performance together before Lo went and took her smarty pants self to law school. it was lovely.
the band is called the Wayfarers (yes, after the Rayban model) and they sing mostly Beatles covers.

perfect right? no, it gets better. all their shows are in coffee shops. okay. now that's perfect. even though i don't drink coffee, i love the chill atmosphere.

i know. not the best photos ever. but the lighting in the lovely, chill coffee shop? not so lovely and a little too chill. and i'm anti-flash so... that's the best of what i got.

oh, also, happy 2003 past me!:
{i'm the one with the dark hair. see the flowers? we were in a musical. precious.}

♥ ♥

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Miss Nesbit said...

What musical is that?