catching up and drivers licenses.

let me just get right to it, okay? next friday (aka my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY) my drivers license expires. normally i'd be like "eh no big" but i no longer live in utah. i live in texas now and i have heard horror stories on the dmv here. it literally takes all day to wait in line and have done what you need done but mostly just wait in line. furthermore, the last time i renewed my license was 5 years ago. do you know what that means? i've gained weight! lots of it! i can see it now. i approach the desk with my paper filled out, the worker looks at my form and begins to read over it. hair: red, eyes: blue (ish), weight:... she'll look up at me and back down at the paper and then back up at me. then she'll smile sympathetically at me. she knows. she knows i lied. she knows i weigh far more than that. but she'll let it slide.
...at least i don't have to take a written test. i would unabatedly fail.

i'm going next tuesday. my mom, sister and i have decided to make a trip of it. i'm sure you'll be hearing from me afterwards.

and now, i believe i'm quite behind on some pictures...
so, i present: me, years 1996-2003
{no, this wasn't Halloween.}

{yes. i played the clarinet ^. basically, i wasn't very good... which is why i no longer play the clarinet.}

{was anyone else super into bucket hats like my friends and i? - i'm the one with the braces.}

{hi, i hate fishing. to be honest, i probably didn't even catch that fish. my dad probably caught it and let me hold it so i could look legit for the photo. what a nice dad.}

{i was 16 when my 1st youngest brother was born. i was also very pale and wore overalls. yuck.}

i can't find pictures from these years.

but, if you like looking at young me and you missed some years, i've taken the liberty of providing some convenient linkage. your welcome.

♥ ♥

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Miss Nesbit said...

Yes totally loved bucket hats in the day. Also, yes the DMV is pretty annoying. But once you do it this once, you can just renew it online all the times after that!