the simple minded ant.

i was just outside reading my book letting the warmth soak into my skin when i noticed a solitary ant scurrying about on the pavement. he (yes, i'm sure it was a he) walked in one direction then back to where he had come from then off in a different direction and still, back to where he started. he approached me numerous times, my cell phone, my leg but he never went around or over them. just to them and then back to his original position.
at first i thought perhaps the ant was looking for food. ants, as you know, like food. especially human food. but the more i watched him, the more i came to realize: he seemed lost... i was in his way! his home was somewhere close and my big human bum was blocking his path. you see, ants can't just walk around obstacles such as those. that would be like walking through the amazon rain forest or climbing over mount everest. what a feat. and yes, its true, ants have more legs than we do, so they can walk more quickly than we can, but i imagine ant-time is much different than people-time. so walking over me in a quick fashion is hours to him where to me it is meer minutes.
poor guy. i probably threw off his whole day.
so, i got up and i moved and you know what? the ant found his way home.

and here is today's photo:
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Megan said...

its amazing how we dont even realise the way we can effect the way the world works.