some excellent films & give away winner announced!

last week was my first full day of work at my new job. because of that i had a lot going on thus the lack of blogging annnnnd i failed to announce the lucky winner of the Sea of Blooming Dreams give away! well, lets get right to that, shall we?
the winner issssss (drum roll please!):
kristen, thank you for your wonderful comment! and i expect to see a picture of the outfit you described with the give away prize because it sounds marvelous!
kristen has a lovely little blog called summer sets in. you should go congratulate her and check out her blog too!
congratulations, kristen, please e-mail me your contact info (sparrow.child @ hotmail.com) and let me know which one of the three gifts you want.

next item of business, movies. (isn't it always?)
last week i saw this:

 and this:
both blew my mind and were completely and utterly amazing. i. loved. them.
Thor was basically the epitome of what an awesomely well done comic book film looks like. all the characters looked exactly as i had imagined them to, the movie was a perfect mix of funny, action and SWOONAGE!! so, really, what more could one ask for in a film? the answer would be: nothing. (the only thing i could have done without was the lady warrior friend of Thor's. that chick was annoying and had horribly fake hair. ick.)

as for Super 8, the comedic timing was magnificent. it made the film if you ask me. and the fact that the cast is made up primarily of children blew my mind. those kids can act. they encompassed their characters so well. my personal favorite character was Charles. that kid was freaking awesome. but really, i give props to the entire cast because they were incredible. props should also go out to JJ Abrams, the writer and director and to Steven Spielberg for investing money into a spectacular project.

if you have some spare time {and money} this week, go see one of these. or both of them. you wont regret it.
♥ ♥


amyschmamey said...

Congrats to the giveaway winner!

I haven't seen Thor, but DUDE! Super 8... My new favorite movie! I am going to see it again on Saturday! I can't wait. :) It will be AHHHHHSOME! I just loved that movie.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i have told the hubs we HAVE to see super 8!!

Lauren said...

I totes want to see Super 8. I've been hearing good things about that one everywhere.

And you already know how I feel about Thor. Not the movie - the mangod.

Miss Nesbit said...

WOOT! I loved Super 8, and yes, Charles was also my favorite.

He was mint.


Bri said...

I may have to see these movies now! Luckily the hubs worked at a theater and can get us in for free! (i'm still stoked on this and it's been for over a year haha). Thanks for the recommendations :)

M.M.E. said...

I can't wait to see Super 8! The poster looks amazing!!