my week of summer-ness: my summer wishlist.

*before i begin, i haven't heard from the give away winner yet. kristen! e-mail me your information that i requested here before Wednesday or, sadly, a new winner will have to be chosen.
okay, enough of that.

its summertime!!! i'm sure you all knew that, but i'm all for reiteration, okay?
so, while you're all out of school and chilling by the pool, or shopping till you drop, or going on 'services trips' to third-world-countries (yeah, i know what you're really doing down there in Brazil!) i'll be cooped up in my office staring at numbers and faces on a computer screen all day.
that doesn't mean, however, that i wont be getting my summer on over the weekends though. and that definitely doesn't mean that i wont be dreaming of summer things. oh, no. that's where my mind will be, kids. summer. summer. summer.
i'm like the rebecca black of summer.
because of this, i thought i'd do a little week long segment of summer-ness. i've put together my summer wishlist (its like, better than Christmas), a summer playlist to share with all of you and even a summer reading list (big shocker there, i know.) along with this, i'll be giving all of you the opportunity to share your favorites fo the summer as well! there will be a link up option at the bottom of every post so that everyone can see what you'll be doing for the summer.
so, if you're as ready for summer as i am, sit back, relax and enjoy my week of summer-ness!

my week of summer-ness.
day 1.
my summer wishlist.

1. a Nook from Barnes & Noble. while i'm all about buying the actual book (support your local book store! support your favorite authors! utilize the tree that gave its life!) carrying one around can be tiresome. especially if you're planning on spending your days by the ocean (or pool, lake, watering hole what have you...) or traveling, or if you're a fast reader, like me. rather than having to carry around a whole library in your purse, you can just download a few of your TBR's onto the nook and go! (you could put all the Sookie Stackhouse novels on there and you'd be good for the whole summer!)
{i'd like mine i white please.}
2. Steve Madden Marryy platfrom wedges in blush. i tried a pair on the other day. they looked good on me. i don't know who they wouldn't look good on. i mean look at them. 
someday i know a pair will come home with me and we'll be best friends for life.
{size six will be sufficient.}
3. Calvin Klein Beauty my new favorite scent. mmmm this stuff smells so good. and its a lovely summer scent. if you know anything about perfume, you know what i'm talking about. if you don't, you should learn. perfume and the wearing of it really is an artform.
{the 3.4 oz bottle should last me the whole summer, thanks.}
4. the handmade weddings book. yeah, this basically has nothing to do with summer (unless you're planning a wedding...), but i was flipping through it in B&N the other day and i made my decision right there and then that i'm having a handmade wedding. the stuff in there is adorb. uh-doorb.
if you're planning a wedding in the near future and you're into vintage-y, second hand-y, shabby looking stuff (like everyone is these days) you might want to take a look at this book.
{it will knock your garter off.}
5. bow trimmed fedora from Forever 21. its just so cute. i just want it. its only $8.80 so... i might just get it.
or if you're in the mood for gifting, just stick it in the box with the others on my list that you're sending me.
6. htc sensation. i'm due for an upgrade this month. this is probably the phone i'll be getting. basically its awesome and you will all be jealous, but we'll all still be friends because we're cool like that. and because its summer.
{again, in white please.}
7. Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremley Modern Lady by Derek Blasberg i found this book at B&N (no, i do not live there). it. is. amazing. this guy is marvelous. seriously. his advice is so legit. and why is this on my summer wishlist? so i can act all classy and stuff over the summer rather than acting all Jersey Shore and crap. yep, i'll be that girl with her legs crossed and her perfume in all the right places.
not the girl who's throwing up alcohol  in the toilet and spending her entire paycheck on fake tanning.
{you can pre-load this on the Nook you're getting me.}
8. Steve Madden Serenite in coral patent. so, you've got the Marryy's for night time and the more dressy outings you'll be attending, now you need some sandals for your daily ventures. there is no other way to do a sandal than in coral. especially this one.
{again, size six, please.}

that's it... for now.
i'm sure i'll have a whole other summer wishlist in about 2 days cause i'm indecisive and have to have everything like that.

share your summer wishlist!
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