more talk about movie castings. i just can't stop...

if you aren't a Mortal Instruments fan, you may not care about this. i, however, am a DIE HARD TMI/TID fan so of course, i care. annnnnnd i have an opinion about everything so... (hence me being a blogger in the first place!)
well, not too long ago, 90% of the Hunger Games cast was finally announced and i think you can all recall how i felt about that.
now its been time for me to move on to obsessing over the next casting of one of my favorite books to movies series: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (remember, i talked about them in these posts...) anyway, awhile ago, the lead girl in the book, Clary Fray was cast. enter Lily Collins. in my mind, she's perfect for the part.

well then the search began for the perfect Jace Wayland; the backbone of the story. the swoon worthy hero that everyone likes to drool over and read about over and over and over again.
of course, i was on #teamalexforjace
to me, he was absolutely Jace: moody, arrogant, vulnerable, BEAUTIFUL... and of course, Alex Pettyfer was offered the part, but there were... complications.

well, because of those complications, guess who was just recently cast as the one and only Jace Wayland?
you may recognize him as Caius (a Volturi member from Twilight):

or as Gellert Grindelwald in the upcoming finale of the Harry Potter films (aka that guy who's engaged to Bonnie Wright/Ginny Weasley)

i mean, he's definitely playing it smart, getting in on the Twilight franchise as well as the Harry Potter obsession and now he's infiltrating The Mortal Instruments fanbase as well! can't say he's not smart in his film picking.
but is he right for Jace?
as a fan, i just don't think so.
while i'm not questioning his acting abilities (i mean, look at the roles he's done...) i am questioning his essence. even what Cassie Clare, the author herself, had to say about it has done little to calm my anxious nerves on the subject.
if he's amazing as Jace Wayland, i'll personally eat my words.
but for now, i'm feeling less than comfortable with the pick of Jaime Campbell Bower.
although, congrats to him on landing such a prestigious part.
that's gotta rock.

what do you guys think?
any of you TMI fans?
♥ ♥


amyschmamey said...

Ok. Saw this post and had to check out these books. Going to read them this summer. I can't really say much about casting choices until then. :)

connally said...

dude. read them, loved them, obsessed to the point of buying them second-hand because the library never has them anymore. but that's obviously alright.

Lily Collins is Clary. perfect casting choice.
i am not a huge Alex fan (rumors of his attitude are a killer) but i think he was also the perfect choice for Jace. for all the reasons you just mentioned. not sure how i feel about Jaime. he must be talented, but in my mind, he just doesn't have that eff-you-all-i'm-gorgeous attitide that Alex seems to embody. but after all, he is an actor so i suspend judgement:)

i am very curious as to who they will cast as Simon. regardless, i am ridiculously excited for this film trilogy!