may music - what a great alliteration!

last month i was really into music involving names. i'm not sure what my obsession is with songs that contain names, but i sure had one... observe:

artist: the beatles
song(s): dear prudence, hey jude, lucy in the sky with diamonds, sexy sadie
{hey jude.}
(to be completely honest, dear prudence, hey jude and lucy in the sky with diamonds are three of my all time favorite beatles songs anyway. but they were listened to more frequently in may than usual.)

artist: hanson
song: lucy
album: middle of nowhere

artist: jack's mannequin
song: hammers and strings (a lullaby)
album: the glass passenger

artist: mark salling
song: sweet caroline
{oh my, swoon!}

artist: kristen chenoweth
song: taylor the latte boy
album: the girl in 14 G
{thanks, lo of I Am Lauren, for showing me this song!!}

what were your may music obsessions?
what are some of your favorite 'name' songs?
♥ ♥

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Miss Nesbit said...

1. I LOVE that you listened to a Hanson song. I haven't listened to them in forever. I will say that that CD and the Spice Girls CD were the first CDs I ever owned and bought with my own money.

2. I heart Kristen Chenowith. :)

Kaycie said...

Taylor the Latte boy is one of my all-time faves. I will always love Kristen chenoweth and her charm!! I share a lot of the same music interests as you. Go us!