i'm awkward. luckily, i'm also awesome.

one of my favorite bloggers, sydney, from the daybook, does a fun series called awkward and awesome thursday. it thought this week i'd participate.

-going to barnes and noble, buying a book, realizing it was the wrong one, going back "yeah hi, i'm a doofus and bought the wrong book" and exchanging it for the correct one
-having your mom tell you "come watch this video. it will make you bawl." sitting down to watch the video, not bawling (while she does, again)
-having 3 people trying to talk to you all at once and acting like you're somehow able to listen to all 3 of them AT ONCE
-dreams about uber creepy talking raptors that chase you around trying to eat you
-dreams about uber creepy talking robots
-dreams about uber creepy tornadoes that just keep coming and coming and coming (yeah, i had all three last night)
-hearing a co-worker complain about something you've done and letting them know you heard them. later having them say "i didn't know you could hear me" yeah. cause that's kind of like "sorry".

-4 day weekends
-buying books
-coming home from work and getting straight into mah jammies
-finding an un-opened bag of gumi worms that you forgot you bought a few days ago -yum!
-this guy (swoon alert!!)
-1 month free-trial of netflix
-preparing for a 2 week trip with my sister
-the mortal instruments series (don't worry, i'll be talking about these soon!!)

what are your awkward and awesome moments?! share them here on sydney's blog.


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Nicole said...

i love this! i just might have to participate one day soon!