nerd boyfriend.

does anyone watch ugly betty? (i guess i should say did anyone watch ugly betty because the show was canceled not too long ago and recently aired its last season. boo.) i, as of late, have been re-watching seasons 1 & 2 (i still need to watch 3 & 4!) and just love, love, loving the adorable henry grubstick.
he could be my nerd boyfriend any day.

tell me he's not adorable!
i love his sweaters (especially the argyle!) and ties and the semi buddy holly-esqe glasses. (and for those of you who've seen it, yes that is elder groberg from the other side of heaven.)

who'd be your nerd boyfriend?

across the universe soundtrack

*all pics found via google.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

fantastic. I need to watch more Ugly Betty cause what I've seen I love.

If I had a nerd boyfriend though it would have to be...

...ug...I can't think of anyone right now. Doesn't it always go like that. But I'm usually attracted to really nerdy guys so I'll let you know when I think of it.

Hannah Joy said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Ten Things I Hate About You. Definitely dig the argyle sweaters as well :)

Grace said...

I actually have a super nerdy boyfriend, he's the best.