its regrowth demolition day.

as a professional hair stylist one of my biggest pet peeves is regrowth.
especially on me.
while i notice it on others (all the time) i can't stop noticing it on me.
and i can't stand it.

well, the last time i had my hair done was late october early november (i know, i know.) and so you can only imagine the hideousness that was my roots.
no? you can't?
allow me:
yeah. it was bad.
so, i went to the beauty supply store and picked up some color and determined that today would be the day i would no longer have trashy looking roots.
{not the color line i usually use, but i'm not complaining.}
my highly trained sister (aka home taught by yours truly. really people, its not rocket science.), c, and i got to work and slapped the color on quicker than my roots knew what to do with.
then came the next obstacle.
the bangs. (or lack there of.)
i had been contemplating cutting them.
but then i also thought about just letting them continue to grow.
and then...
i'll probably hate them in a week, but they'll grow out quickly.

so, that's what i did today.
what'd you do?

(oh! and i updated my photogblog.)



Hannah Elizabeth said...

CUTE! Because one of my best friend is a hair stylist she has made me anal about other people's hair. Your regrowth is not that bad. I promise.

And I love the bangs. Please keep them.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I cut my own bangs too, thanks to youtube. I like the bangs look.