oh fajita.

sometimes the communication barrier between generations can be frustrating.
other times, it can provide quite the laugh. luckily, mine usually results in laughter. observe:
as i was driving home from work with my dad, he we telling me how much he liked the josh groban, noel album.
"but i don't get the fajita song." he said.
i asked him, "what fajita song?"
"you know, ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaa" he sang the words to the tune of ave maria, which is exatly what the song was. he just thought josh groban was saying 'oh fajita' rather than 'ave maria'.
a few minutes later, he begins tapping out a beat on his cell phone. "guess what song i'm starting," he said. i look at him with an are-you-serious expression. "dad, i have NO idea." 
"its 'tonight's the night" (which is NOT what the song is called.)
"i don't know that song." i tell him.
"you've got to be kidding me. its been the most popular song for the past like 24 months. oprah made it popular with the black eyed peas in that... what's that huge park in new york?"
"central park?"
"yeah," he answers, "they did this thing where black eyed peas starts singing and then these people start dancing like a synchronized swimming group. its awesome. youtube it." 
i kind of laugh. "oh, you mean a flash mob?"
his response? "well no, they all had their clothes on." 

can i just say, my dad is actually really smart. but i guess when it comes to modern day terms he's not as much in-the-know as i thought he was... what a guy.

hope your tuesday was awesome.
its almost christmas... can you feel it?

*side note: can i just say that the flash mod i've linked above isn't one of the more impressive ones i've seen? i mean its cool how many people they've got, but i like them when they are sporadic, random and unexpected.


la petite lydia said...

Haha that is awesome. I am going to embarrass my mom here but yesterday we were talking about Green Day. A song came on and she was like "I like this one, wait no..not this one". I asked what song she thought was, she said, "I walk the streets".

I just started laughing and was like, "You mean Boulevard of Broken Dreams?" "Yes, that one".

We died laughing. It was wonderful.

nicole ...given said...


Michelle said...

ahahaha! parents are too hilarious. btw, have you seen the site whenparentstext.com? You might enjoy it!

Amyschmamey said...

This made me laugh! Oh parents. One day this will be us. ha.