best friends make the best band aids.

this week was so rough for me. i was in the worst rut that i just couldn't get out of. it didn't matter what anyone said or did, i was just not having it... then my bestie called. after our 2 1/2+ hour talk about nothing and everything all at once, i was (am) feeling MUCH better about life. honestly, she really didn't say anything that was life changing, or offer any astounding words of advice, she just talked to me. and that was exactly what i needed. i am so grateful for someone like her in my life. someone who helps me more than ever without even knowing or intending to. that's the best kind of help and the best kind of person, if you ask me.
anyway, every time we are together, it is reiterated to me over and over again why she's my best friend. our conversations are so bizarre and sometimes even we don't make sense to each other, but it works for us which is what matters most, right?
just to give you some insight to our crazy lives, here are a few bits from our convo last night:

(when discussing school)
me: yeah, i drove by a community college the other day and i started thinking 'hmmm maybe i should take a few classes again. then i said to myself anna, what are you thinking! you know that's about the worst possible idea ever.'

kdp: you know, if you're going to be in the FBI, they are going to require schooling. (*side note, did i mention i want to join the FBI? no? well, i do.)

me: no. the FBI is going to take one look at me and know they just have to have me. they're going to be begging for my mad, wicked skills.

kdp: right. and then they'll see my awesome anthropological skills...

me: yeah, and then you know what i'm going to do with my FBI skillage?

kdp: hmm?

me: successfully stalk and locate jensen ackles.

kdp: i think you're going to need some anthropological assistance with that.

(when discussing our weird baby dreams that we each had)
kdp: isn't it weird we both had baby dreams?

me: yeah. me with my fatherless baby and you with your nameless baby. (*sidenote in kdp's dream, her baby boy had no name. in mine, my baby girl had no dad...)

kdp: maybe my nameless child and your fatherless child are going to get married someday.

me: yeah, they are dream bff's right now. only eloise (*my dream-baby) is growing at the rate of reneseme so your baby is going to have to love a cougar. she's like benjamin button only in reverse. so, reverse, reverse!

kdp: you're not making a lick of sense right now.

me: okay, forget i said anything about benjamin button. don't even think about it.

kdp: okay. i've had a men in black memory erase. i've forgotten all about it.

me: and i've had a... what's that other movie where they erase the memories?

we then spent the next 45 minutes trying to think of other movies that had memory wiping in them. we both could see scenes in the movie that we were thinking of, but we weren't making any connections. finally, i googled what we could remember and it turns out we were talking about 3 different movies (paycheck, terminator: salvation, and push). no wonder we weren't making any connections!
honestly? it was all a little ridiculous.
but it was exactly what i needed.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww you guys are so adorable. After college my best friend and I hardly ever get to see each other. I never thought it would be possible for me and the bestie to not see each other in months but it is. But despite the lack of time together, when we do get together it's as if time has never kept us apart. =) cheers to good friends and have a happy weekend!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

I love those nights. I just had a convo with my best friend from back at home and it was just what I needed to. They are the best aren't they :-) probably why they are the "best" friends mwahahaha! puns are fun!

I'm Just Sayin! said...

ok so your blog is way cute! i am a retard when it comes to all this!

cb said...

to cute! sorry you had a rough week....mine wasn't so great either....actually my best friend called to and talking to her and crying actually made it all better! thank god for friends!