this week i:

don't like the new iTunes 10.0. its horrible. bigger isn't always better!

am excited to have my sister in town for the weekend.

love talking to my siblings. even when its not in the most conventional ways.
{take that however you want. ha!}

am scared by the fact that hoda has the same color of skin as she does hair.

started writing a new book. {let the frustrating process begin again!}

love my friends.

what's on your mind this week?


lydia. said...

i think the new itunes is pretty goofy, too! whatever. maybe i'll get used to it. shrug!

oh, and i too am scared of hoda's skin/hair matching. not cute.


bananas. said...

awww you sisters are too cute!!!

ew to hoda and her hair skin blend. WEIRD!!!