take me away.

apparently i need to get me some calgon cause i need a definite vacation. somewhere very. far. away.
somewhere like... spain.

*sigh* doesn't it look beautiful!
where are my sundresses, big floppy hats and sunglasses? i want to go see spain!

where have you traveled? where do you want to go?

*all photos courtesy of weheartit.com where else?!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Spain is on my list of places to visit too. I have traveled but that was just in Asia. And I lived in the U.S for 8 years.

nicole said...

soooooooo pretty! i went to europe a couple summers ago and now completely regret not going to spain!!

bananas. said...

never been to spain but i would LOVE to go.

a euro trip is in my future...i just know it.

Lauren said...

My bestie pal is moving to spain next week!!!

Mandi said...

it looks so incredibly beautiful. Hard to believe it's even real.