hey all, happy friday!
i hope you have some wicked sweet plans for the weekend.
i know i do [not].
i'd like to congradulate leah for winning the giveaway!
congratulations leah!
e-mail me your mailing info and we'll get those sent off to you!

have a great weekend everyone!!



Leah said...

Am I that Leah? Just want to make sure. If I am that Leah, thank you very much.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

row said...

you are indeed that leah! my e-mail address is sparrow.child@hotmail.com (i probably should have put that in the post haha sorry!) and if you'll just put in the subject line "give away winner" so i'll know its you! congrats again. have a great day!

bananas. said...

yay!!! congrats to "that" leah :)