dear earth:

i'm so rude.
i completely forgot it is earth day today.
poor earth.
well, in honor of earth day, i'd like to share some photos of... you guessed it: the earth (and all her beauty).
enjoy peeps.
{taken from our backyard.}

{i don't know where this was taken...}

{taken in alaska.}

{taken in st. george.}

{taken in yellowstone ntl. park.}

{okay, okay! i couldn't help myself.}

happy earth day!
{there is still time to enter the give away.}



Leah said...

Fabulous images... our planet is really beautiful. Happy Earth day my friend! xoxo

erica marie said...

gorgeous photos, I love the one from your backyard and thanks for the last one (it's one of my favorites)

row said...

leah - why thank you! our planet IS beautiful you are right.

erica - do you love him too? he's just adorable. i love it. :)