lights, camera, action.

lets talk about movies for a second.
there are a lot of movies coming out that i'm pretty stoked to see,
but i'm most interested in the sereies movies that are coming out.
ie harry potter, twilight, chronicles of narnia.
for the past few years, its been a battle between series flicks in the box office: (i'm a box office watcher...)
pirates of the caribbean
lord of the rings
harry potter
chronicles of narnia
star wars
(strikethrough = series ended)
and i want to see what will be the most seen series movie in 2010.
can you guess what one i'm most excited for?
you could try figuring out by this post but i don't think its much of a hint.
okay i'll just tell you:
chronicles of narnia: voyage of the dawn treader.
why am i so excited? well my first and main reason: ben barnes. my one true love.
(i haven't forgotten about r-patz, but he's just my love. not my one true love, which is much more important and valid - complicated i know.) and other reasons include: i like the books, the story, costumes, sets, characters etc. i just think it will be excellent.
what are you most excited about seeing?
you can tell me in my little vote box up in the right hand corner of my blog.
don't see your movie there? tell me in the comments section.


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Leah said...

I'm a Harry Potter fan. I just recently discovered Twilight after watching it in HBO (I know I'm so late. Hahaha!) and I love it. So I'm looking forward to HP and Twilight. xoxo

Leah said...

PS... if Indiana Jones is among the choices, that would be my first answer. I love Harrison Ford. :=)