laughs anyone?

need a good laugh about mid-week? well for starters, i was digging for pictures on my computer (and we're not talking flickr or weheart it, we're talking folders on the computer of pictures we have) and i came across this:
it was mixed in with all our family photos. who saved it to our computer and why?
i have no idea. but after the initial shock wore off, i found it quite humerous.
then it reminded me of this site (recommended to me by a friend), which if you need a good laugh, you REALLY need to check it out:
the captions are what really make the pictures funny! my mom, brother, and i looked at this site for a good 45 mintues one night laughing our butts off. it. was. great

hope you have an awesome wednesday!
(oh and if you haven't entered the give away, you can go here to do that if you'd like!)



bananas. said...

besides the hair, did you check out his ghetto bootie. um wow. it's bigger than mine. kinda jealous.

row said...

i know right! it happens to the best of us. gah.