out with the bad, in with the good.

i'm at a point in my life where i'm ready for a new slate.
ready to purge out all the bad/stressful people and situations in my life,
and ready to welcome all the good and cleansing aspects.
i'm ready for my re-birth.
my phoenix moment if you will.
lately i've just been so irritated with life and how completely redundant it can be.
i'm kind of a tricky person. i hate change, unless i instigate it.
but i also h-a-t-e making big decisions.
i love when i get into my groove and life is good and all that,
but when things get too routine, i'm out like a light.
however, it takes me ages to actually decided what i'm going to do to break out of my usual day-to-day.
i move a lot, change my wardrobe a lot, constantly find new "favorite" bands etc, and i'll obsess over these things for a few weeks or months, and then i'll get bored and move on.
i have such a yellow personality.
when i actually find something that i'm excited about for extensive periods of time,
that's when i know i'll be happy about it for the rest of my life.
this is why it has taken me this long to get going on school,
its why i'm not married,
and why i've moved 7 (going on move 8 and 9 in the next few months) in the last 2 years.
but i'm an adult now.
there is no more time for messing around.
which is where my phoenix experience comes in.
i've started making minor changes in my life,
that i feel are requirements to allow me to live the happiest life i can.
stupid little things like:
canceling my twitter account(s)

{bye, bye birdie.}
twitter was just causing me way too much stress,
and taking up too much time in my day.
i realized how impersonal and pointless it was to be tweeting all the time.
and who really cares what i'm up to 24/7?!
that's what reality t.v. is for.
bought a new purse and shoes
okay so my purse didn't come from bergdorf goodman,
but it is big and yellow like the one seen above.
best part about it?
it was $3.00.
the shoes? not exactly keds, but mine look just like them.
they were $5.00.
i do love me my bargains.
and i was ready for some new things to help carry me into my new life!
and i've stopped doing things i don't want to do
(that aren't a necessity.)
that means you'll be seeing less of words of wisdom wednesdays
and fun fact fridays.
they were a fun idea in the beginning, then they just got too binding.
i felt like i had to do them.
i'll still do them every now and then.
only if i feel like it.
i'm also moving and starting school
yeah. i'm giving my summer away to classes and grades.
papers, professors and student loans.
and i couldn't be more excited.
its the beginning of a new chapter in my life,
and i can feel its going to be the best chapter yet.

it feels good to take control and move on.
what will you do to make the changes you need to?
good by clouds of grey,
hello skies of blue,

{daisy and the egg photo found on jennipenni's flickr site. what a great photo!, pheonix paper sculture found via xin yan's flickr site, choices, twitter, black keds picture all found via google images, big yellow purse found here, and hogwarts pic sited here via we heart it.}

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I am Danielle and you are? said...

I wish you luck and happiness in your pursuit of change.