melting like butter.

happy thursday all.
this week has gone by so fast for me.
next weekend i'm headed off to utah (again.)
but as for this week,
today is the day i start my:
melting like butter challenge.
(aka loosing weight.)
i call it that becuase the pounds are going to literally melt off of me like butter in the microwave. - that's right.
so here's a little info in the weight loss area:
    it is: march 4th, 2010
        i want to loose: 30 pounds
by: june 4th, 2010
that's 10 pounds a month. can i do it? yeah. i can.
right now i kind of look like this:
{no. not like a dog. focus on the fat rolls. 
on this little guy its okay, but on me? no está bien!}
when i'm done, i'll be looking something like:
don't worry. i'll be loosing weight the healthy natural way.
by eating right and excersizing (which is something i don't currently do...).
none of those crash, daily drop/shots, only drinking liquids for 10 days diet crap for me.
but i'm ready to feel good again and have the energy i need to get me through the day.
so. no more sweets (only in small doses.)
no more carbs (i'm a carb-a-holic.)
and no more not excersizing.
by putting it on this blog, i feel its a little binding.
that's why i did it.
wish me luck! and say good bye to my pounds.
i know i already have.

bye bye,

puppy pic found here heidi klum pics discovered here, here, and here.}


row said...

Sure! I always love advice! Let me tell you what I'm already doing: walking at least one mile a day (in the mornings), eating a big breakfast, medium sized lunch and small dinner (that helps with the metabolism), and cutting back on snacks and carbs. What else can you share with me? I'm always up for help.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

oh Heidi Klum. You get me every time!! cute blog little lady!