fun fact friday #14.

well this weeks fun fact friday has two parts.
first, the fun fact:
i love alice in wonderland.
actually, i love all things alice in wonderland.
i'm even considering putting up chinese lanterns in my room to sort of represent the mad hatter's tea party.
its my most favorite disney cartoon.
i'm not sure why i like it so much, i just... do.
anyway, so in spirit of f.f.f., AND the release of tim burton's alice in wonderland,
i wish you, a
happy alice in wonderland day!
in celebration of alice in wonderland day, i went searching for photos that were inspired by the lovely film. here is what i came across:

i may not get to see the film right away, but i'm just happy about its release in general!
will you be seeing it this weekend?
happy weekending everyone.
i hope its a great one!

we're all mad here,

{all pics eagerly found via weheartit.com}


bananas. said...

you just got me hyped up to see the movie. now i can't hardly wait!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

So excited to see the movie. Have a good weekend!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

I love Alice in Wonderland too! So magical and whimsical and reminds me of my child hood. I loved that book so much. I must go see the movie :)