how was your weekend?

happy march all!
i hope your weekend was better than mine.
mine wasn't 100% crap, it was more just like 50% crummy, 50% crazy.
i was in a bad mood friday and pretty much hated everyone, but i got over it.
(as i often do.) 
saturday consisted of earthquakes, tsunamis, and bomb threats. yep.
although i wasn't affected directly by the earthquake in chile (but my heart and prayers go out to those that were.), i do have a dear dear friend living in hawaii that i was concerned about, i called her right quick to make sure she was out of harms way (which she was. she even wished me a "happy tsunami day!"). then, at sisters dance competition, we were evacuated for a bomb threat. i'm not sure who would blow up a small town dance competition, but i've learned to never underestimate the crazies in this world!
that was pretty much my weekend.
on a lighter note, you've probably seen this, but one more time wont hurt!
i. love. it. it definitely made me laugh and then my bestie and i had to quote it some more, and laugh some more just to get it out of our system. i know we're lame, but we get by. :)
(you can go here or here to view other old spice manercials.
my second favorite is "did you know that i'm riding this horse backwards?")

how was your weekend?

look at your man, now back to me,


I am Danielle and you are? said...

My weekend was spent indoors as I had about 24 inches of snow on the ground. It was good though--slept in as late as I could, finished a book, watched lots of Food Network, and cuddled with my dogs.

Glad to see that you are better!


row said...

sleeping in a finishing books are amoung my top favorites! i'm glad you had a good weekend. :)

Alexandra Mason said...

That old spice advert made me laugh. Glad you had a good weekend x