call me miss bee.

hey friends.
i have been sooooo busy.
getting a job.....
and working on a wedding.
{pictures of that event will be posted in my "check out my work" section after april 1st.}
i'm hoping things will calm down after easter,
cause i'm way over due for a big break from life.
my last big trip until i move is coming up this weekend.
i'm pretty stoked for it. notgunnalie. i'm going b-a-c-k to ut for a couple of days.
(you can take the girl out of utah, but you can't take utah out of the girl.)
and this wedding i've been planning is this thursday.
tomorrow and thurs will be busy, busy, busy, but i love the work. its great.
i'm doing the brides hair, decorations, and food. going to be wicked awesome.
after all that, i just have to ride out the storm (literally as its STILL snowing here) until i move back to ut in june!
that's when the real party will begin.
happy tuesday folks. make it a good one.

money, money, money.
its a rich man's world,

{all the awesomly, inspiringly, beautiful pics you see above were found on my favorite photo site weheartit.com go check it out.}

p.s. welcome to my newest followers! i hope you have a stupendous time here!


bananas. said...

good luck with everything and have fun!!!

Leah said...

You have been so busy... but I know you'll be able to finish everything with flying colors. BTW, I love the images you added in this post.

Have a great day! xoxo