you know those times in your life where nothing can go wrong, and your walking on big, puffy, [pink] clouds? you got the world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow?
i so know what that feels like!
i'm just blissfull right now. amoung all the busy-ness, and money issues, and preping for school, i'm just... happy. its great. i feel like life can't get any better and then it does.

anywhooser. lately has been the first time in a long time that i'll have money in the bank. literally. for the past while i've had a grand total of about $10 in savings, and checking combined.
not a nice number.
but now that i have work and am getting a nice check from the government (also known as tax returns), i'll have a few hundred in the bank. still not a lot, but enough for me to be grateful! - anyway, before i've even received this money, i've got big plans for it.

just ordered seasons 1-5 of this and i couldn't be more excited.
whoever can't find this show humerous needs to get a new sense of humor!

my hair is in serious need of a pick-me-up which is exactly what its going to get.
(this is the BEST color i've ever used in my life. i. love. it.)
and a little of this and that. (you know, dresses, tights... bows. that sort of conservative things.)

its going to be great.
what a wonderful way to welcome spring!


{happiness pic found via weheartit, other pics found via google.com/images.}

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