well, well, well.

{you.} {guys.}
boy did i get on to find a nice surprise waiting for me!
i'm feeling like this right now:
first of all, i have a new {follower}. the one and only:
revolving styles! - yes. the same r.s. that i mentioned here.
i'm so tickled that they even dropped by. but now they are {following} as well!!
okay so not only do they have an AWESOME etsy shop, but they also have
good taste in bloggers. (if i do say so myself. ;])
so, if you have good taste too, you'll {heart} them here,
and {fan} them here.
welcome to the blog revolving styles!
so. you know what another {follower} means.
11 down, 4 more to go.
and i'm so excited about it.
if you haven't heard about my upcoming {give-a-way}, you can briefly read about it here.
OR here is a little re-cap for you:
you can win a set of 3 customized frames.
i can either {surprise} you with the design, or you can pick colors and such.
i'll make and send them.
i know its not much, but everyone loves free stuff right?
um, {i do}.
so, we only have 4 more followers to go. if you want the chance to win, follow me, and try and rally your friends as well. =]
next! - my revolving styles post brought some of my most favorite bloggers here to my little blog! peeps such as: ♥much love♥ {a wonderful blogger who always has great photosawesome give-a-ways, and posts that are happy and uplifting. i always feel happy after stopping by her blog.}, life is BANANAS {this girl has sass and class all in one! i love reading her in-yo-face/oh-no-she-dint! type posts. and if you stop by her blog this month, be sure to wish her a "happy birthmonth" because like me, she celebrates all month!}, and leah {leah is one of my fashion icons! she dresses so amazingly its enough to make you want to go shopping after every post! =]. love her pics of her daily outfits.} as well as revolving styles themselves!) stopped in and shared their love for r.s. as well! -- its so much fun when everyone comes out to play!

thanks for stopping by ladies. and thanks to everyone else, who also stops by.
why don't you come out and play,

{really huge, really yellow, really smiley smiley face pic found here. and the pics of the frams were done by yours. truly. uh-hu.}


bananas. said...

oh what?! you mentioned me? now i'm all giddy and smiley like that yellow guy up there. thanks doll! i agree leah is fashionable and fabulous.

ps. you can add one more follower :)

row said...

of course i mentioned you! you're one of my fave bloggers! okay now I'M all giddy and smiley! stop it already. =] thanks, thanks, thanks for followig me! i hope you enjoy your time here!