okay stop it already.

anybody know what it feels like to walk on cloud 9?
hmmmm. i do.
wanna know why?
oh. it could be because i have a new follower...
it may seem like i'm going a little over board with the edifying other bloggers, and squealing out when i get new followers, but i come from a long history of MLMers (multi-level-marketers -- you know those annoying people with a "great opportunity that you can make millions with by working at home for a few hours a week"? yep thos are MLMers) -- and one of the biggest things in MLMing is edification. i'm not one of those attention-hungry-looking-for-approval type of gals, however, i believe in focusing on the little things in life to make me happy.
little things like:
one of my all time favorite bloggers following my blog!
those types of little things. =]
anyway, as always, welcoming my newest follower: bananas (aka little myra).
she blogs here and i recommend stopping by. 
i have to get my daily dosage of bananas every afternoon. 
welcome to the blog bananas!
okay. now for some house keeping notes:
3 more followers to go. are you guys getting as excited as i am?
ugh. you better be. ;)

3 little monkeys,


bananas. said...

awww you're so sweet but no need to thank me. i'm just drawn to you, what can i say ;)

row said...

haha. and i am drawn to you! you rock.