blogs of note.

well today i was snooping around on the blogs of note section on blogger.
after viewing all of them i ended up following 4 of them!
two of these blogs just absolutely crack me up:

running from camera
this guy sets his camera timer on for 2 seconds and then sees how far away from the camera he can run in that time. from what i can see he has pictures from all over europe (i was only there for a brief minute), but this idea struck me as hilarious! nothing but pictures of someone running away from a camera? who comes up with this stuff!!!

the sassy curmudgeon
this lady pretty much just writes about her everyday life, but she has got quite the sense of humor! i laughed literally out loud at numerous different times while back-reading a lot of her posts. funny funny lady. if you need a good laugh about someone else's every day life, i would recommend checking her out!

and this inspiring gal:
abby's blog
she's 16 years old and sailing around the world by herself. i don't know a lick about sailing, but her blog kept me entertained for a good couple of hours today (off and on i should mention...). anyway, even though i don't understand a lot of the lingo she uses when she talks about whats being done to the boat, but her over all project has been a really intriguing read.

and the last:
the posts are short and sweet (which is often such a relief as some bloggers can be a little long winded! i'm guilty of that myself as well from time to time...) but the photos are awesome to look at. i may not be a religous follower to this one as i am to others (life is BANANAS. seriously so blessed. rockstar diaries.) but a stop in every once in awhile to see what this blogger is up to will be nice for me!

if you're in the mood, check those blogs out. they are great reads.


(all day i dream about shopping. get your head out of the gutter!)

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Iva said...

WOOHOOO!!! Blogs of Note ;) LOVE IT!!