its probably too early but...

... i can't help myself.
you know i love most things twlight.
(can't say that i love ALL things twilight, but MOST things is acurate.)
i've posted about twilight here, here, and here (although this one is only slightly relevant).
i've also posted here and here and here, oh and here about it.
(okay... so a few of those only briefly mention twilight, but... they count.)
and so, imagine my glee,
when today, while i was searching around stephenie meyer's website,
i found this:
yep. thats right my friends. there is already an eclipse countdown.
(eclipse comes out [in the u.s.] on june 30th, as i mentioned here.)
isn't it great we have that to look forward to, in addition to this??
i think so.
so pardon my slight jump of the gun, but i'm just so excited.

happy trails to ya,


bananas. said...

that countdown was available even before new moon hit theatres. yea...craziness. i can't wait to see it. it's going to be the best!

row said...

bananas! i'm so excited you stopped by! i am a regular reader on your blog and must say i love it! happy birthmonth to you! -- that is craziness! i don't check for things like that as frequently as i should i guess. :) but you are definitely right. it will be the best.