doppelgänger week.

well apparently on facebook its been "doppelgänger week"
during this week you're supposed to change your profile picture to someone famous
(actor, musician, athelete) you have been told you look like.
so i thought i'd share who i posted:
i've gotten lindsay lohan the most. i was actually nearly mobbed at a movie theater once, and there was a time when people would openly gawk at me when i went places like disneyland and tj maxx. it was... awkward.
heather graham was more when i was in middle school mostly,
hilary duff was rarely (i also got mary-kate olsen. not ashley, just marykate. =]).
and ariana richards was just when i was younger. that's when she was popular.

who do you look like?

got a pocket full of sunshine,

{pics were all found on google.com/images. uh-hu.}

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