guys, i am down in the dumps.
its been a fun week, but its been a stressful week.
do you ever just get in those moods where you feel like crying for no reason?
that is how i've felt today.
didn't want to get out of bed,
didn't want to talk too many people,
didn't want to do much of anything.
basically just... melancholy.
i need a pick me up.
something like:

{ice cream}
rocky road ice cream is my FAVE but it has to be the kind with the real marshmallows. none of this marshmallow swirl crap. we're talkin' bout the real deal here.

okay so i know flowers just die, but i love them.

{happy music}
owl city is my happy music at the moment. mika would work too though.

i'll take cuddling too.

or, of course,
from 25 main please.

i hope you guys had a spectacular week.
because you deserve it.

think of a wonderful thing,


{here is where i got the: flowers, and owl citythe rest were from weheartit.com which SIDE NOTE! instantly put me in a better mood when i went there and saw this first off}:
can you spot what made me smile? if so then you know me too well. =]
if not, let me help you out:

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lennie said...

oh no! i hope this week has picked up tho! i've finally had the chance to visit your blog again, and it's such a release after my first day back at school! i was feeling pretty stressed today and it was not going my way! so what you've shared is so relevant atm, and thank you for being so nice to me a few posts down, totally made my day!!
i'm just posting a little smiles post now, inspired by you, to keep me optimistic for the year!