so many mooooovies.

okay there are 13 movies to date that i'm STOKED for, that come out in 2010.
some more than others, but all are sounding good right about now.
so, what will i be seeing in 2010?
well, since you asked...
**UPDATE (movies that are strikedthrough are ones that i saw)
when in rome (29th)
i l-♥-v-e kristen bell,
so naturally i'm SO excited for this flick.
plus it sounds adorable.
dear john (5th)
okay. love amanda seyfried,
and nicholas sparks movies are always so cute.
i'm probably most excited for this one. i'mjustsayin.
i have been waiting for this one since '08
so i'm excited its FINALLY coming out.
notgunnalie i'm stoked for another r-patz flick.
(hopoing its not rated r...)
okay. another amanda seyfried film.
plus it takes place in italy. the home of my ancestors.
yes. please.
hooray for yet another toy story!
should. be. awesome.
ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!! (30th)
so happy this installment is coming out earlier than nov.
it makes the waiting process easier.
so. much. easier. -- and i'm excited for the tent scene.
hairspray 2 (rumored)
well its rumored. but adam shankman is directing.
plus i ♥ the first one, so this should be fab.
loved the first one, double loved the second one.
hoping to triple love the third one.
hooray for harry potter!
and the fact that there is still one more to go after this is...
pure bliss.
rapunzel (19th)
so happy disney is finally doing some "old school" animation again.
also, rapunzel is my favortie fairy tale character,
so, pretty excited for this one.
j'adore the narnia movies and books. sad disney quit doing them,
but happy 20th century fox picked them up!
also happy that delicious ben barnes is back again as caspian.

ugh. so many i know.
what are you excited for in 2010???

lets go to the movies, lets go see a show,

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