dresses, & dresses, & dresses oh my!

stumbled on a {fantastic} website today.
its called modcloth.
they have the most {amazing} dresses i have ever seen.
for example:

{rose dress}

{beachcomber beauty dress}

{dress went down to georgia}

{frock & roll party queen in rizzo}

{kew gardens}

{the christine dress}

{wedding singer}

their shoes aren't shabby either:

{achilles heel}

{a-cute triangles in teal blue}

{empowerment shoes in third wave}

{happy feet t-straps in waverly}

{spinning jenny heels in mule}

and then the accessories, apartment, bottoms etc...
i literally had to make myself stop. i couldn't get enough!

these are a few of my favorite things,

{all pics courtesy of modcloth.}

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