santa baby.

every year my mom begs us older kids to take a picture with santa,
and every year we protest, but eventually give in.
this year, we stood our ground.
us four oldest kids broke down,
and ran to the mall to have our picture snapped with santa baby.

here is what it looks like when you wait till the last minute,
catch santa right before he leaves,
and have one chance with the cell phone camera.
not. too. cute.
but that's that.
hope mommy dearest likes it.

hey santa, hey santa,

{pic snapped by santa's elf with my sidekick. next year, we wont wait.}


Jacque said...

lol that's really cute! Santa look a little grumpy though!! Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

row said...

i feel i look a little pregnant. :) but thanks!!!