happy christmas eve.

christmas is tomorrow!
wow. this year has flown by.
i think i like christmas eve better than christmas.
everyone is still excited, and joyful.

my favorite part of christmas are the traditions.
our traditions are:
every christmas eve, we have a delectible feast.
then, before bedtime, dad reads the first part of the christmas story
(when the angel comes to mary to tell her she will have baby Jesus),
and he puts on his christmas socks that he wears every year, and only on christmas. 
for bed, all the kids sleep in the same room and watch christmas movies,
and read christmas stories, and listen to christmas songs all night.
christmas morning, dad reads the second half of the christmas story (the birth of baby Jesus),
we open presents, eat our yummy breakfast,
and then later in the afternoon we all go see a movie together.
christmas traditions are the greatest.

what are your christmas traditions???

chestnuts roasting,

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