movie chain. oh yeah.

(get ready for a big, yet thourghly entertaining, list!)
sissykins and i have decided to do a movie chain.
it all started when we watched the family stone last night
and started talking about how many people
(that are well known) are in that movie.
then we started talking about other movies each actor/actress was in.
that's when we came up with the idea of a movie chain.
so here, for the next 15 nights is what we're watching
(and how it ties into the chain).
started with:
family stone we chose luke wilson out of that
and from here on out is:
 legally blonde w/ luke wilson & reese witherspoon
just like heaven w/ reese witherspoon & mark ruffalo
13 going on 30 w/ mark ruffalo & judy greer
27 dresses w/ judy greer & james marsden
hairspray w/ james marsden & queen latifah
chicago (one of my all time FAVORITE movies!) w/ queen latifah & catherine zeta jones
the terminal w/ catherine zeta jones & zoe saldana
center stage w/ zoe saldana & peter gallagher
while you were sleeping w/ peter gallagher & glynis johns
mary poppins w/ glynis johns & julie andrews
the princess diaries w/ julie andrews & anne hathaway
the devil wears prada w/ anne hathaway & emily blunt
dan in real life w/ emily blunt & allison pill
confessions of a teenage drama queen w/ allison pill & lindsay lohan
mean girls w/ lindsay lohan & rachel mcadams who is also in the family stone,
which is the movie we started with!
ah. what fun.
if you did a movie chain, what would you watch
and how would you link your movies???

better pop some pop corn!

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