homemade christmas gifts.

yes christmas is over, but i still have 5 gifts i haven't given yet.
3 of my friends & and 2 of my cousins are getting home made gifts this year.
hope they like them!

i decorated these frames according to all of their personalities.
i'm excited to give them away!

this one is my fave.

i'm thinking if i get to 15 followers, i'll give away a set of 3 frames custom made for the winner. what do you think?
if you want to be a part of the giveaway, spread the word about my blog to your friends.
at 15 followers i'll give a set of 3 of these frames away!
you could be the lucky winner.

gettin' lucky with you,

{pics taken by me. me. ME.}

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Maggie said...

So dang cute Leese! You are so talented!