{daily} smiles #6

today was a smiling day for sure.
10 smiles to be exact.

*i colored someone's hair and got paid {smile #1},
*there was left over color that i took back and exchanged for 3 bottles of nail polish {smiles #2, 3 & 4} (one for each bottle of course).
*then i bought some much needed make up
(i've been squeezing every last drop out of my old bottle.) {smile #5}
*after that i went to f.h.e., and got invited to a party while i was there. {smiles #7 & 8}
*read bedtime stories to boo and little m {smile 9}
*and ended the night with phase 10 {phase 10 = smile #10}
what awesomeness this day had!

i'm happy and i know it,


Jacque said...

That's cute!! I love the idea of counting your smiles!! So positive and happy!!

row said...

thank you! sometimes that is what gets me through the day.