{daily} smiles. #2

whew! more {smiles} already. :)
today i had 2 major big daily smiles.

the first one:

i finished my book: enna burning by shannon hale
this book was {incredible}!
i couldn't put it down.
and now, since i have loved the first one (goose girl) so much and now this one too, i want to incoorperate the names of my favorite characters into my children's names. so. future daughters: i hope you don't mind having {enna} or {isilee} for middle names.

my second smile:

 yep, another book! this book came in to the library today. {huzzah}!
i started reading the percy jackson series about 2 weeks ago and i. love. them.
SO good! this is number 3 and then i will only have 2 more. i'll be sad when its over.
(but then the movie is coming out in {february} so... i'll be good again.)

what made you {smile} today?

ring around the rosies,

{lets talk about pics. enna burning was found here and found percy jackson here all thanks to this site.}

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