my letters to the universe no. 2

i just thought i'd share what's currently on my mind right now. that way, everyone can see how frivolously shallow i am and i can empty my thoughts. yay us.
okay, first and foremost:

dear miley cyrus,
your new hair cut. (YIKES).
um, i actively try to avoid any and all news/pictures of miley "disgustoid" cyrus, but since the world cares what she does with her hair i feel like its been all up in my face for the last couple of days. therefore, to join in the totally-twisted-concerns of humanity i will share my opinion: first of all, WTH. second of all, there's only room for one Justin Beiber in this world, honey. and lastly, please give me the name of your stylist, i'd like to personally punch him in the face.
okay, moving on.
dear Joss Whedon,
thank you for, A) announcing there will be a Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog II (if you haven't watched the first one, PLEASE do so. all the episodes are up on traileraddict.com and are available on instant streaming on Netflix. or you can just click here: part 1, part 2, part 3.) and B) signing on to write and direct the second Avengers movie. T H A N K Y O U! #injosswetrust that's really all i have to say about that.

dear Netflix,
Dawson's Creek is now on Netflix instant streaming. i thank you for that. and also: FINALLY!
you guys, i love television. awesome and crappy. since getting a Netflix (and hulu+) account, i've become somewhat of a tv junkie. its kind of a problem, but i don't care. anyway, i've been waiting for Dawson's Creek to be available on instant streaming for like evs, so tonight when i was adding new shows to my instant queue (i added SO many new shows) i literally cheered when i came across DC. huzzah for teenage dramas, yes?

dear Darren Criss,
i love you so much.
can i just tell you, i'm addicted to Glee but even more so now that he's on it so much (i'm on season 3 so i'm a little behind). i just... i can't get enough of him. and the fact that he started out in Starkid? um, LOVE.

dear these fabric frames,
i want to make you. you are ADORBS.

dear Netflix (again),
two words: 10th Kingdom. two more: THANK YOU.
i just don't even know what to do with myself right now. i love, love, love that horribly corny show. its like, amazeballs.

also on my mind (but not in letter form) is the fact that all i want to do is read books and watch television/go see movies and then write reviews and get paid to do it. is there something like that out there in the world? if so, please let me know where to sign because i'm in. (i will also try food and wear clothes for money too. that's called advertising, right?)

what's on your mind lately?


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amyschmamey said...

I agree her hair is horrid. And I like short hair. Ummmm I haven't heard of a lot of shows you mentioned. I'll have to look up 10th kingdom. Looks fun. I never got into Dawson's Creek. The end. :)