oh my goodness, what a month.

june and july have been absolutely crazy. in a wonderful way, of course, but crazy nonetheless. first i quit my job in Texas to spend the summer in Utah, then i decided to make my vacation permanent and relocate to my beloved home town. now here i am, no job, no internet (worst. thing. EVER.) but having a blast and very excited for my new life.

so, i thought i'd just drop in and share what my summer has looked like via my Instagram (follow me @ dearprudencepix) photos:




1. right before i left for UT my brother and i took a trip down to Six Flags Over Texas. it was quite fun. and quite hot.
2. i shot this while driving home from work right before i left. at that time i was longing for the beautiful red rocks of St. George, UT and now i see that photo and yearn for the flat fields of Texas!
3. my plane ticket to UT. 
4. yogurt and berries with chai tea. best served when watching the sun come up.
5. vanilla bean frapuccino. yes, please.
6. my brother, sister and I at the firework show on the 4th of July.
7. my current book fling, The Life of Pi.
8. bbq food! on the 4th of July my brother and sister and i decided to have a mini bbq for just the three of us. we chowed down on hot dogs while we watched all of the Avengers films. it was such a great holiday.
9. cupcakes from my favorite cupcake parlor, 25 Main.
10. Greek yogurt (honey flavor), fruit and granola. a favorite snack.
11. one of my best friends gave me a Wreck This Journal as a gift. i was absolutely so tickled as i've almost bought one for myself several times but just never did. i'm certainly having quite a bit of fun with it.
12. i'm just so addicted to in-n-out. i've eaten there quite a bit this summer and i'm not sick of it yet.
13. a random shot of what i was wearing today.

i hope you all are having an absolutely magnificent summer.

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