why i love my tags.

today i decided to take a look and see what people were searching on google that was linking them back to my blog. i could not have been happier to find the following key words:

#5: 'jensen ackles, crazy funny'
maybe they are referring to the above blooper from supernatural... or maybe they were referring to the fact that jensen ackles is crazy beautiful but they accidentally typed 'funny' instead...
{see jensen ackles posts here. also, if you love jensen as much as i do, you can see more of him on the "man blog" i maintain with my friend.}

#4: 'lilly collins, clary fray'
i'm glad the mortal instruments is getting more interest. it really is a great book series. i just hope, hope, hope the movies don't SUCK. *fingers crossed*

#3: 'loki, tom hiddleston'
for those of you who don't know, this ^ is who plays loki. can you see why i'm in love? bcuz he's beautiful (and literally near perfect). don't even tell me he's not. because i won't even listen. and the fact that that's what's leading peoples to my blog?! love. (he's also on the "man blog" all the time. it would be considered a sin if he weren't.)
{click here or here for more tom hiddleston.}

#2: 'loki, avengers, smile':
i can't even stop squeeing right now. again, i love that 'tom hiddleston' and 'loki' searches are coming back to my blog. i just love it. he's absolutely, perfectly adorable and someday we're going to be married. and when we are i can say, "look darling, google led us to each other." and he'll smile his perfect smile, his eyes will do that annoying sparkly thing they do and then we'll... oh wait. *ahem* back to blogging...
{here's some more loki...}

#1 most searched words that lead to my blog: jim sturgess
you gais! i love me some jim. apparently, so do a lot of other peeps. (p.s. if you like him, he also makes frequent appearances on our "man blog" you may want to check it out. but you may want to have a fan or cold water handy when you do. sorry for all the self-promotion. not sorry for all of the eye candy.)

what are people searching to stumble across your blog?

*other words searched that led to my blog include: the perks of being a wallflower, anne of green gables, batgirl, cape flattery washington (say what?!), harley quinn and joker love. all these topics are what people searched this week.


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