music monday.

a few tunes i'm obsessing over lately:
somebody that i used to know
by: gotye (feat. kimbra)

we are young
by: fun (feat. janelle monae)
(weird video, i know... and i'm not really even a fan of the band. just this song. its rare that this happens.)

shape we made
by: peggy sue

happy monday all. i hope its lovely.


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

we are young is totally my ringtone...LOVE. IT.

Kate said...

i did a tune in tuesday a few weeks...months? (i don't know anymore. time is such a blurry thing) and somebody that i used to know and we are young were both on my "songs i have overly obsessed about". and somebody that i used to know is actually the song that inspired me to make the playlist. it's so amazing. also, is it just me or does he seem to have an extra tooth?

Lauren said...

I am OBSESSED with Fun. right now. I listen to their album basically constantly. Love that you love it too!

Miss Nesbit said...

Pretty sure I LOVE all of these songs too. It's probably why we're friends.